About Let's Green

Let's Green is aiming to help immigrants in US to track and share their greencard processing timelines.
Suggestions/comments please send to: info [at] letsgreen.org


      2017/12/30  Medium: Add interview fields for timelines; added dashboard for interview cases.
      2017/12/28  Minor: fix a bug when nsc return nothing on a given date.
      2017/05/12  Minor: update text on the website, e.g. year; move alert to popover on menu.
      2017/04/29  Minor: bug fix: send emails to all subscribers with same rd_date. 
      2017/02/07  Minor: bug fix, no email sent if has greened.
      2017/01/25  Minor: bug fix, schedule update.
      2016/12/19  Minor: bug fix; EB2/3 data re-cleaned, add mitbbase link to case.
      2016/12/08  Medium: Add dashboard for EB2/EB3 cases; main dashboard will cover all.
      2016/11/20  Minor: Add caching to speed up front page. Enable Google Ads to support website cost.
      2016/11/19  Medium: update mailer/welcome email, and fixing some bugs on user registration.
      2016/11/15  Minor: Slightly change text on compare_graph page.
      2016/11/05  Minor: Add paypal donation button on page.
      2016/10/23  Minor: Update privacy, terms pages. Add explanation pagraphs for each of the data table and graphs.
      2016/10/15  Medium: Update color scheme for graphs; add 4 new graphs for 485 approval analysis 
                  between two query dates.
      2016/10/06  Minor: Update words on page; record num of rd subscription emails sent.
      2016/09/28  Minor: Update backend database for another one with code update.
      2016/09/23  Minor: Update email subscription template to have responsive format.
      2016/09/06  Minor: Fixed a few bugs in error handling when collecting data.
      2016/09/05  Major: Add email subscription for statistics changes of RD date. 
                  Registered user can subscribe email notifications on their profile pages to see if any 
                  stats changes on mycasetracker.org for particular RD dates and centers.
                  Added FAQ/tutorial page, and other small changes.
      2016/08/30  Minor: slight color update to the navbar.
      2016/08/21  Medium: Add 485 Daily report for all 2016 dates.
      2016/08/16  Medium: Add SSL certificates to the site; login will be more secure.
      2016/08/12  Medium: Add email notifications to new user, reset password and password change.
      2016/08/09  Minor: Dashboard space adjust.
      2016/08/08  Major: Beta/Trial launch; user authentication created, data pulled.