Features and Frequent Asked Questions

This page document all features, frequent asked questions (FAQs) and tutorials about how to use contents on http://LetsGreen.org website.

Features of LetsGreen.org

The main aim of LetsGreen.org is to help immigrants in US to track and share their greencard application process, so that applicants have better understandings on the processing timeline, make appopriate actions to speed up or resolve potential delays. Those shared information may also benefit other future applicants to estimate the situation to choose wise application categories.

View I485 Processing Timeline of Existing Cases

The main feature of the site is the dashbobard, viewing processing timelines of about 2000 cases of I485 applications, available at the main page http://LetsGreen.org.

Each row is an active case, with at least I485 RD date available. (See Frequently Used Abbreviations for meanings of abbreviations.) If the case has its 485 approved or GreenCard received with a date, this row is marked as green. First column Link Me is for editing purpose by registered users; and other columns are self-explanatory.

This view is open to everyone, without registration/login. But only allow to view, not to change. Data source is from Google Excel sheet mentioned at Immigration forum @ Mitbbs and other registered users on site.

View I-485 Reports

View Status of Every RD in Table

This view at http://LetsGreen.org/i485_report/table shows current numbers of I485 approved, denied, rfe, in progress and total cases in NSC or TSC center for any reasonable date in 2016 (from January to up to 45 days ago of today). Each row in the table is a statistics report of the Received Date listed on first column.

See the following picture for example:

I485 Daily Status Report for 2016

Click each row, it will show the historical trend of this specfic RD Date.

I485 History Trend for a Specfic RD Date

Our site only queries mycasetracker.org (the data source of this 485 report) once a week, which is reasonable to show any changes in the historical trend for any RD date.

View Status of Every RD in Graph

This graph view has same results with the View "Status of Every RD in Table", but showing them in graph. Besides, it also allow to select a query date(snapshot date) to see the previous status of every RD.

Since this site pull data from http://mycasetracker.org every week, hence the graph can show weekly historical snapshots of I485 status of every RD date. Meanwhile, the percentage of approved cases are also extracted to easy understand the trend.

See the following picture for example:

Graph of I485 Status of every RD date for 2016 Graph of I485 Approval Percent of every RD date for 2016

View Approval Changes Analysis

This graph shows the number of approved cases for all RD dates in two query dates that we queried mycasetracker.org. Since this site only made query to mycasetracker once a week, there are very limited query dates available.

To use this graph, 2 different query dates need to be selected. Number of approved cases are shown in the first graph, and percentage of approved cases to all cases on the day aare shown on the 2nd graph.

See the following picture for example:

Graph of analysis of approval changes of every RD date for 2016 Graph of analysis of percentage of approval changes of every RD date for 2016

Features for Registered Users

We have to restrict some features for registered users, such as owning/adding/editing/deleting the timeline of a I485 case; email subscription of RD date report, etc., to protect the data on the website.

Standard user's credential and profile

User can registered on our website for free, with only a name, email address and password needed. User's password is hashed with salt, even site administrator has no way of recovering current password. Password changing or resetting is available through email notifications.

Add and manage I485 timeline case

Registered user is allowed to add new I485 case, up to 2 cases; and then change them at any time. New cases are available at user's profile page http://LetsGreen.org/profile once it is created successfully.

Link/Unlink dashboard cases

Registered user is also allowed to link an existing I485 case on dashboard, up to 2 cases; and then change them. Linked cases are available at user's profile page http://LetsGreen.org/profile.

Email subscription for status report for a I485 RD date

Registered user is able to subscribe email notification for up to 2 different RD dates and centers when there are status changes reported from mycasetracker.org.
For example, if a user added a subscription for TSC on 2016-04-18, when this site queried mycasetracker.org (twice a day) anf found there is some status number changed, a email will be sent to the user for notification purpose.

Subscribe Email notification for RD Date and center

Example of notfication sent to a user is showing in the following graph. Example of Email notification


Frequent asked questions of LetsGreen.org, feel free to email us if you think your questions are common and most important.
This section update constantly.

Frequently Used Abbreviations

Abbreviation Description
I485 Form I-485, Application to Register Permanent Residence or Adjust Status. Details info at USCIS I-485 .
I140 Form I-140, Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker. Details info at USCIS I-140 .
RD Date Received date (of a USCIS case)